Monday, October 3, 2011

Paddy Cake Bakery - Bloomfield, PA

This weekend was a wild one. My cousin was getting married and I was hosting 4 adults and 2 kids at my house. I got up at 0-dark-thirty to run and did 13 miles. I was ready for a cupcake right after but I had to get home, entertain, prepare lunch for the troops, get ready for the wedding etc so I put it off. We had a couple of hours to kill between the wedding and reception so this week's cupcake is from....

Paddy Cake Bakery in Bloomfield.

We had taken my van with me, hubby, my mom, my dad, my sister, and 2 cousins. I am not certain that anyone really understood *why* I needed a cupcake, especially one of my cousins who was hearing about my blog for the first time. In fact, this was her "check in" on Foursquare:

So, it was a little after 4pm and they closed at 5pm. Sadly, that meant that the selection was less than desired. As I scanned the shelves, I didn't see any cupcakes. I almost cried but then I spotted a 6 pack of them. Phew.... I was saved.

As I was checking out, I told the ladies there about my blog and they insisted that I come back for a specialty cupcake (turns out they had one almond torte cupcake left but I am allergic to almonds). I promised that I would but still decided to enjoy one of the cupcakes in the pack as well. I shared the rest with my family.

See that one on the bottom, in the middle? Yup, that looked to be the tastiest to me so I bit in.

Wow. For not even being a "specialty cupcake", this one was pretty delicious. The cake portion was really moist and the icing was smooth and so very tasty. Everyone else seemed to enjoy them as well. I'll definitely come back to Paddy Cake for another go around but for now, I give them a thumbs up!


  1. When we run the mileage we run to keep our sanity we get to be a little high maintenance about a cupcake. Because we're running the world the rest of the time.