Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dozen Bake Shop - Lawrenceville, PA

Today was my first 20 miler of the MCM training. I knew I needed to have a cupcake that was 100% going to be worth it. Not sure if I mentioned this before but I had the idea for this blog while running a few months ago past Dozen Cupcakes in Lawrenceville. Cupcakes have become so trendy and I've heard they played a major role in that happening here in Pittsburgh. I had really been looking forward to checking them out. Then, just as I started training, I got word that Dozen had closed. I was crushed. My inspiration for the blog was no longer around. <Insert sad, pouting face here>

I had "friended" them on Facebook and one day, a post came across that they would be reopening under new management. I was over the moon. I've been waiting and watching since then for my opportunity to get there for my weekend cupcake and today was it. My run had taken me past their establishment twice today so I had some time to look forward lust over what I was going to be consuming...

After my run, I made my way across the city to Dozen Bake Shop.

And walked straight to the cupcake display:

Honestly, I had expected there to be more selection but I also understand that it was a Sunday morning. Most of their patrons were getting breakfast-y items, not cupcakes. I chose "Death by Chocolate" and headed toward home.

While fighting the Steelers traffic, I received a text from a friend that she had an extra ticket for the game. My hubby has been amazing during all of my training. He's been the "babysitter", "massage therapist" and "cheerleader" for me, and I thought getting him the ticket would be a great way to pay him back for part of what he does. I drove straight to her house and then to ours to surprise him. Along the way, I called a neighborhood friend to see if she could watch the kids while I took hubby to the train stop. I pulled in, told him to get in the van and drove him to the station.

I was worn out and ready to go inside and eat my cupcake. But, even the best laid plans go awry, right? Just as I pulled back in the driveway, he called me to say that the next train wouldn't be coming for 40 minutes so he would miss the start of the game. I hurried back to the stop, picked him up and drove him to the North Shore so he wouldn't miss kickoff. Then, back to my house for a shower and lunch. I hadn't intended to be driving so much after running 20 miles but it is what it is, right?

After cleaning up, I finally got to try the cupcake.

No pics of me this week as I was in my pajamas by the time I finally got to eat it.  Let me just say that, just like Heinz Ketchup, it was worth the wait.

It was chocolate upon chocolate with chocolate on top sprinkled with chocolate. Seriously, unbelievable! It was huge so I shared it with my 5 year old. After I was done, she asked if she could lick my plate. Hmmmmm, someone is taking after their Mommy....

Moist cake, delicious chocolate, delectable treat. Yup, running 20 miles was sooooo worth it. Thanks Dozen! 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kribel's Bakery - Bridgeville, PA

My long run this weekend was a race, the Montour Trail Half Marathon. I tried my best to run it at my hopeful marathon pace but I ended up going a little faster than planned and finished in 1:54:31. After it was over and pictures were taken, we headed to pick up my cupcake before meeting up with friends for lunch. Unfortunately, traffic was a nightmare and the Garmin was having issues so we went after lunch instead.

Today's cupcake choice took us to Kribel's Bakery in Bridgeville. Apparently, they also have a Brookline location.

I had called them to make sure they had cupcakes and the lady on the phone asked if I needed any held for me but I declined, figuring there would be a good selection and I'd rather see them in person. Well, all they had in their case was chocolate cake with chocolate icing, vanilla cake with chocolate icing, or vanilla cake with vanilla icing. B-O-R-I-N-G! (By the way, I asked and they don't do specialty cupcakes...)

I chose chocolate/chocolate with "jimmies" on top.

Since lunch was at the Original Pancake House, I had no room in my stomach for a cupcake and decided to eat it in the evening, after dinner. We had friends over but I knew they wouldn't mind being a part of my blog. Hubby snapped a quick pic prior to consumption:

Seriously, I hate to say this because I am sure Kribel's is a lovely place, more than likely family owned and operated and what not but Oh my Lordy Lord, that cupcake was NOT GOOD! It was dry. And the icing tasted pretty much like chocolate flavored Gu, which isn't a bad thing when you are running but on a cupcake, blech!

Oh no...I just looked at their website as I was linking the mention of the place at the top of the blog and THIS is what I read : "Come see us soon- baking with love for you since 1931!

 Oh, the guilt I feel now.....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Graham's Bakery - Castle Shannon, PA

After 17.5 miles of running, I was more than ready for a cupcake this weekend. Unfortunately, I had a 3 hour volunteer shift scheduled for noon, so I only had time to shower, get dressed, and throw a little lunch down my throat before I had to head out. When I returned home, my first thought was "cupcake time".

Graham's Bakery is about a mile from my house. I have heard wonderful things about it. They have been around for over 45 years and apparently, they specialize in cookies and cakes. Luckily, they had a wide selection of cupcakes as well.

I chose one called "Chocolate Mousse". Seriously, I would think it would be all chocolate so I was surprised when this is what I got:

It was a vanilla cake with vanilla icing and some shaved chocolate on top. Honestly, not the best tasting chocolate shavings either. They were kind of waxy :( The redeeming quality of this cupcake was the inside which was filled with mousse.

Graham's doesn't rank in the top for cupcakes as far as I am concerned. Love the idea of the Mom and Pop bakery though - maybe I'll go back and try a cookie sometime.