Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Graham's Bakery - Castle Shannon, PA

After 17.5 miles of running, I was more than ready for a cupcake this weekend. Unfortunately, I had a 3 hour volunteer shift scheduled for noon, so I only had time to shower, get dressed, and throw a little lunch down my throat before I had to head out. When I returned home, my first thought was "cupcake time".

Graham's Bakery is about a mile from my house. I have heard wonderful things about it. They have been around for over 45 years and apparently, they specialize in cookies and cakes. Luckily, they had a wide selection of cupcakes as well.

I chose one called "Chocolate Mousse". Seriously, I would think it would be all chocolate so I was surprised when this is what I got:

It was a vanilla cake with vanilla icing and some shaved chocolate on top. Honestly, not the best tasting chocolate shavings either. They were kind of waxy :( The redeeming quality of this cupcake was the inside which was filled with mousse.

Graham's doesn't rank in the top for cupcakes as far as I am concerned. Love the idea of the Mom and Pop bakery though - maybe I'll go back and try a cookie sometime.

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