Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hills on Hump Day = Ironic?

Today's Food:

Small bowl of Special K with Protein cereal, 1 hard boiled egg, grapes.
Deli turkey and reduced fat provolone on deli flat, mixed veggies, and a small portion of wheat noodles with parmesan cheese.
Couldn't resist having some Reese Puffs cereal!
Call it a carb load if you want but these Stacy's Pita chips with salsa and grapes looked mighty tempting.
Dinner was Kashi margherita pizza with a small portion of rice, some mixed veggies, and applesauce.
After run/bedtime snack = mixed greens salad with a small amount of deli chicken on it plus a babybel light cheese and some fat free ranch dressing.

Today's Workout:

I met up with the Running Mamas for a run this evening. I had 7 hilly miles on the schedule and they were planning on 5-6 so I figured I could work that out. It's nice that my Wednesday hill runs don't have a pace goal, so that's one less thing to worry about. I It was a lovely run with a nice cool breeze on our faces for most of it. My legs were sluggish for the first mile or so but luckily, they loosened up once we hit the bigger hills.

A little before the 5 mile mark, I split off from the group and ran 2 hilly miles solo. My splits were  10:59, 10:59, 11:09, 10:38, 9:56, 8:58, and 8:59.

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