Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ugh! Sick :(

Today's Food:

Breakfast was an Arnold whole wheat sandwich thin with peanut butter and some grapes.
Lunch was crackers with babybel cheddar cheese and a salad with fat free ranch dressing,
Dinner was homemade whole wheat pizza with sauce, fat free cheese, green & red peppers, and chunky diced tomatoes. Salad on the side with carrots and spritzer.
Dessert was a slice of homemade banana bread with Smart Balance light on it.

Today's Workout:

I am feeling a heck of a lot less than 100% today. I skipped my 4 mile run this morning and definitely don't have enough energy to do it tonight. This afternoon, I felt really guilty about not working out at all so I tried a few super short On Demand weights workouts to at least give me *something* for today. Blah... Hope tomorrow is a better day...

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