Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend at my Parents house

Weekend Food: 

I am infamous for being lax about food at my parents house. Since I am a little pressed for time, I am just posting pics with very little other info...

Please keep in mind - this was 2 days worth of food. Also, I took home about half of that rice from the Mad Mex plate. LOL!

Weekend Workouts:

On Saturday, I opted for some walking miles with hubby. We walked to church and back, adding on by going through the town some for a total of 4 miles.

I ran on Sunday morning. It was drizzling when I was leaving the house, to meet up with my aunt and her running partner, Mike, but it soon stopped and the humidity set in. I ran a little over a mile to our meet up location at Mack Park and then we did a few laps there while we made sure our stomachs were okay enough to leave the close proximity of the bathroom.

We headed out on Hospital Road and to Wayne Avenue. We ran through a bunch of parking lots and hit the trail at Hosses. Mike and Aileen knew that I had 13 miles on my schedule and they said that if we got to Floodway Park and turned around there, I should get 13 or maybe just a little bit over. I was feeling slightly sluggish at mile 6 so I took a Gu. I had only brought one of those plus a handheld water bottle and I was hoping it would be enough to keep me going. I kept pace with the two of them (both Boston Marathoners, by the way) and felt great.

At Floodway Park, we stopped for a potty break but the Woman's room was far too disgusting to even think about it so I skipped it. On the way back, we ran into John. He is the head of the Indiana Road Runners Club and is also a good friend. He has been having some knee pain so he was on his bike. He biked beside me as I picked up the pace a bit and chatted with him, pulling away from Mike and Aileen. I love a faster finish and it felt amazing. We hit the location of my aunt's car at mile 13.5 so I decided to go ahead and even it out with 14 miles. I finished strong and had some time to stretch before the others arrived back at the vehicles.

My splits were  9:34, 10:26, 10:20, 10:03, 9:27, 9:31, 9:38, 9:39, 9:56, 9:59, 10:27, 10:17, 9:42, and 9:23.

I am feeling good about my training so far:)

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