Saturday, August 20, 2011

Potomac Bakery

This morning's cupcake was provided by one of my running partners (Thanks Heather!). She had gotten cupcakes for her husband's birthday and knew I hadn't tried this particular bakery yet. So thoughtful!

Potomac Bakery has two locations and both aren't too far from me. I'd like to go back to check out some of their specialty cupcakes because today's choice was fairly simple: Chocolate icing on a vanilla cake.

Note that there is no Garmin next to it in the picture. That is because I was a Zen Runner today. And not on purpose either. I put my GPS on the charger last night and completely forgot it this morning. I had driven with others so I couldn't very well make them go back home for it. It was really hard to watch for the mile markers and I have no clue about my pace. Thank God for GPS technology.

But, I digress. Back to the review...

Unlike the other cupcakes I have tried, this one didn't have buttercream icing. It pretty much tasted like the Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines frosting you can buy in the grocery store. Truly, there is nothing wrong with that as I could eat one tub of that stuff in a sitting but I was expecting something a bit more decadent.

I was very happy with the moistness of the cake. Even being a day old, it was incredible. I wonder if all of their cakes are that moist? I might have to head back and find out. Anyone got a birthday coming up? Maybe I can help you celebrate....?

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