Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quiet day - FINALLY!

Today's Food:
Sunday morning breakfast = Pancakes (Light syrup added after pic) and a scrambled egg white omelet with peppers inside and some salsa on top.
Lunch was mixed greens with carrots, grilled chicken, a Light Babybel cheese, and fat free ranch dressing. Also had a plate of grapes, 1/2 apple and 1/2 banana.
Afternoon snack was a bowl of my absolute favorite cereal : Crunchy Corn Bran.
Dinner was a soft taco shell filled with turkey meat, green peppers, a pinch of shredded cheese and some greens. Sides were broccoli and applesauce.

Today's Workout:

I'm allergic to freshly cut grass and it seemed there was a lot of it in the neighborhood today, so I decided to take my recovery run inside. I went to my gym and ran 3 miles in a little over 33 minutes. It was slow but felt good. Afterward, I took some time to stretch and foam roll.

At home, I did 2 On Demand Workouts titled "Phenomenal Abdominal" and "6 Pack Ab Burn". One of my friends on Facebook pointed out that my hard work was showing in this pic, taken at the amusement park yesterday:

I am glad to see that my hard work is evident to more than just me.

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