Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why do I run?

Good question. Running has so many benefits that I could sit here at my computer and list them all day but let me sum it up for you... Exercise is good for the heart. Cupcakes are good for the soul. Exercising burns calories needed to consume this "soul food", so let's just say... I RUN FOR CUPCAKES!

During the course of this blog, I will be training for the Marine Corps Marathon. I have been in training for 10 days now and it suddenly hit me that it would be a cool idea to blog about my training and all the food I consume during the course of training. Since I run for cupcakes, I am planning to check out all the cool bakeries in the area and eat one cupcake every time I do a long run (usually on the weekend). So, in addition to seeing my food for the day, you can salivate over my cupcakes.

Who will read this? Probably no one but that's ok. It will be enlightening for me and will give me something to do while the kids nap in the afternoon.


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