Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today's Food:
Breakfast was a 3 egg white omelet with green and red peppers and 1 slice of reduced fat provolone cheese, ketchup (Heinz of course), 1 slice of Smartwheat toast, grapes
Had some leftovers from the other night so lunch was chicken casserole with broccoli and some applesauce - very filling!
Dinner was bone-in pork chops (coated with 1 tbsp fat free ranch and a sprinkle of reduced fat mozzarella cheese), small red potatoes, steamed baby carrots, and 1 reduced fat crescent roll.
Bedtime snack was a slice of Smartwheat toast with organic peanut butter and a small bowl of Kix.

Today's Workout:

My schedule for today called for 3 miles but since I did them on Monday night, I was free today. I decided to practice some Yoga to help keep my muscle flexibility. I opted for the 30 minute Yoga Refresh that is On Demand via FiOS. I had never done that one before, and I really enjoyed it. In the evening, we walked around the CSVFD Carnival which isn't a ton of exercise but the "win" for me was that I didn't succumb to a funnel cake. I am saving up my hunger for that cupcake this weekend. 4 more days....

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