Thursday, July 28, 2011

Even the best laid plans go awry.

Today's Food:

Breakfast was scrambled egg whites and peppers in a whole wheat tortilla with salsa, 1/2 banana, and grapes.
Lunch was 3 oz of chicken breast, cooked carrots, and whole wheat noodles.
Dinner was homemade wheat crust pizza with sauce, fat free mozzarella, green and red peppers, chicken, and diced tomatoes. Sides of applesauce and fresh greens (with Italian spritzer) rounded out the meal.
Bedtime snack was 1/2 apple, some grapes, and 1/2 banana.

Today's Workout:

If you read the title of this blog post, you have probably guessed that today did not go exactly as planned. In the morning, I did a 20 minute On Demand workout called "Tank Top Arms". My plan was to run 5-6 miles in the evening with two friends. At a little after 1:30pm, my 5 year old daughter decided to take a metal barrette and shove it into the electrical outlet (after she removed the plastic cover, of course), giving herself quite the shock. I wasn't in the room when it happened but there was a 20 second delay between when the lights flickered in the house and when I ran into the room, to see her on the floor. She woke up on her own and started crying hysterically. I called 911 and when the paramedics arrived, they decided she needed to go to the hospital.

So, my day was spent in an ambulance and in a hospital room. If there was a way to track my miles for pacing back and forth, I might have accumulated a mile or two. After she was discharged, I decided that I would take this evening to just focus on my family and not worry about my miles. Life is so fragile and I am so glad my daughter's Guardian Angel was working hard today for her!

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