Saturday, July 30, 2011

Signature Desserts - Castle Shannon

During my 12 mile run this morning, about 5 of those miles were spent thinking about cupcakes. I was so excited to try one from Signature Desserts, since it's so close to my house. I had heard mixed reviews about their desserts as well as their selection.

I was pleasantly surprised when I entered and saw the vast quantity of sugar laden treats in the case. And, as luck would have it, they had their cupcakes marked at just $1 each. I was tempted to get more than one at that price but decided against it.

I chose a chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream icing. There was no seating inside so I took it home to enjoy.

After letting it get to room temperature, as advised by the bakery worker (perhaps the owner, not sure), I took one moment to let my hubby snap a picture before I dug in.

(Note: When I asked him if I looked ok in the pic, he said "Well, you look like you just ran 12 miles...." Hmmmm, I think I see what he means.)

Enough about my tired look and let's get back to this cupcake review. The buttercream icing was FAN-freaking-TASTIC! Seriously, awesomeness. Sadly though, the cake part was a bit dry. It wasn't terrible, just not up to the standards set last week by Sugar Cafe. I picked up a menu while I was there though and I am dying to try this for my next birthday:

Buckeye Cake: Three luscious layers of rich chocolate Devil's Food cake with creamy peanut butter filling nestled between. Iced with chocolate buttercream icing.

In conclusion, I'll more than likely visit Signature Desserts again for a cupcake because at $1 each, it's too good of a deal to let it pass me by and I can totally overlook a little but of dryness in the cake when it's covered in rich, delicious icing.

As of now, I haven't decided where to visit next week. As always, your thoughts are welcome.

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