Sunday, July 24, 2011

The cupcake was worth the wait!

Today's Food:
Pre-run breakfast (I took a bite before I remember to grab my camera) was an Arnold Sandwich thin with organic peanut butter and 1/2 banana. (Not pictured was 1 Gu pack during the run and of course, the post run cupcake - see previous blog post)
Lunch was 3 scrambled egg whites with red and green peppers, 1/2 orange, and pancakes with light syrup.
We went out for dinner to The Warehouse Cafe. I started with a side salad, breadstick, and some house Italian on the side (I used less than 1/2 of the dressing shown here.)
I ordered a chicken casserole, which was basically pasta with cheese and broccoli. I put half of it into a to go container for later and this was the portion I ate. 

Today's Workout:

This morning, I met up with Heather, Kristen, and Sonia for a run on the Bethel Branch of the Montour Trail. From Al's Cafe to the Ballet Studio is 5 miles so we decided to do an out and back, giving us 10 miles. My plan called for a 10:04 overall pace.  I knew the ladies I was training with were planning on an 11-12 minute pace so I decided to run with them and then do the last couple miles at tempo. They are such amazing women, and I am so happy to know them all!

It was hot and humid but at this point in the Summer, I am pretty well acclimated to it. I brought along a bottle of a Gatorade/water mix and it served me well. I was also wearing a hat AND sunglasses so I was well protected.

On the way out, I ran beside Heather and we discussed which famous guys (and girls) we thought were "hot". After much deliberation, I decided Matthew McConaughey was definitely amazing but his personality would never do. By the time we were at the halfway mark, I decided I would just stick with my hubby. LOL! (Yes, I *am* laughing at myself...) Chatting made the miles go by so quickly. Pacing was tough for me. I kept feeling my body pulling ahead and made sure to keep slowing down to stay at in the 11 minute range for pace. 

On the way back, all four of us were together and the pace had slowed a bit more. When we hit the 7 mile mark, I started to pull ahead. A few times, I slowed down and then I figured that the three of them had each other and wouldn't mind if I took off. In fact, Heather had told me a couple of times that if I wanted a faster pace, I should go for it. Leaving my guilt behind, I sped up, intending to try for the last 3 miles at approximately marathon pace. 

My splits were 11:09. 10:51. 11:01, 11:11, 10:57, 11:49. 11:49, 9:24, 9:10, and 9:05. Since I got back to the trail head first, I had ample time to stretch out my muscles and do a cool down walk. It also gave me some time to thank God for the ability to run and to thank Him for bringing so many runner friends into my life. I am truly blessed!

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