Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sugar Cafe - Dormont

After our long run this morning, Heather and I went to Sugar Cafe to try one of their cupcakes. As soon as we walked in, I was struck by just how stinkin' adorable it was! The walls were painted the same color as the website, a robin's egg blue, and there were tables as well as chairs and couches. On the other side, there was even a bookshelf with tons of great reads along with kiddie books and puzzles, for entertaining your youngins' while you enjoy your coffee or chat with a friend.The artwork on the walls was a cute collection of quirkiness. And, of course, this was my favorite one:

I was just there for my cupcake but they do offer a nice sized menu with some mouthwatering items listed (Oh yes, I WILL be back...). Today, I chose a peanut butter cupcake. It was the last one of that flavor in the display case. (Heather got a chocolate ginger one.) The guys working there were very friendly and offered me a larger glass of water when I mentioned that we had just finished running.

Ok, back to my cupcake... One of my favorite things in the world is peanut butter so I was expecting it to be fabulous.
Because of the heat outside, they are keeping the cupcakes in a cooler display case than normal and the guy working there suggested that I let it sit for a few minutes so the buttercream wouldn't be too hard. It was hard to wait.
Note the peanut butter crumbles on top!

Like I said, I expected it to be fabulous and IT WAS! The cake part was so moist and delicious. And the buttercream peanut butter icing was so good that I actually used my finger to get the last little bits of it off the plate.
Sugar Cafe has set the bar high on my tour of Pittsburgh's bakeries. As we were driving away, I was already starting to think about where to head next week. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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  1. AAAAGGGHHHH what a sad thing for a diabetic to ready about. It looked amazing. Enjoy for me.