Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cupcakes in 'Da Burgh...

I asked, on my Facebook wall, where the tastiest cupcakes in Pittsburgh are made. I got several leads on cupcakes. I'll list them here so I remember which ones to try on my cupcake tour of my city...

Vanilla Pastry Studio - Ohhhhhh, voted Best Cupcakes in WPXI's contest. That shows promise.

Bethel Bakery - This is where we got our wedding cake. It was fabulous. Never tried the cupcakes but I bet they will be equally as good.

Dozen - This is no good. Their site says they are closed for business but a few of my friends said their Downtown location is still open. Here's hoping!

House of Cakes - Apparently, this is a lady who makes them at her house. Not sure if she would be willing to sell a single cupcake but we'll see.

Party Cake Shop - Hmmmmm, two locations. Wonder if they are the same. This might be good for 2 different weeks.

Sugar Cafe - This one was recommended by several different friends. Definitely worth a shot!

Oakmont Bakery - Ohhhhh, they have cake pops too?!?!? Maybe I'll take a cupcake break one week for that...

Mmmmmmmmm....I'm getting hungry....


  1. I was hoping you'd put some kind of list together!! :) Are you planning to run to each of these stores to eat your cupcake?? :) That's not bad incentive!!

  2. Not a bad idea at all. I hadn't planned on it but if the occasion arises, I'll do it!